Friday, 23 September 2011

Uncle Bob refactors with IntelliJ IDEA

Over on the Jetbrains blog, there's a video in which Uncle Bob refactors a piece of fitnesse code.
It's entertaining to watch - I'd not have thought that. Maybe his Clean Coders videos are worth watching after all?
It was really cool to see that he ran his tests after every single step. Also, I was surprised by him removing the braces on ifs and elses. He says it helps him keeping his ifs in a single line. I think I'll give it a try.
However, he does some things manually. IDEA should have shortcuts for some of his operations - given that it's featured as a promotional video and that he plugs the IDE twice in just 20 minutes, I would have liked to see some more advanced stuff. Stuff that only IDEA can do as elegantly.
Be that as it may: To me it was twenty minutes well spent.
Did you like it? And why do you think he didn't return the 'child' in the end, and prepared for the next tag outside, in the for loop?

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